The sacred site of Olympia, where they join the fabulous and frieze Alpheus with Kladeus, a wonderful nature, united with a strong and unchanged footprint of history and universal ideals.


Ancient Skillountia

Ancient Skillountia. In a large estate in Skillous, near Olympia, at present, according to archaeologists, Krestena lived for 20 years - and, as considered, began writing the multi-project - the great historian Xenophon.

The estate was granted by the Spartans, when he was exiled from his hometown of Athens, because following the Agesilaus, participated in the victorious Spartan army against the anti-spartan coalition having as leaders Athens and Thebes.

Ancient Olympia

It is the ancient sanctuary of Olympia and the place of the ancient Olympic Games, the Games of peace and sportsmanship, where athletes competed with free prizes a wreath of wild olive and during their cities - states were making war ceasefire.

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