The Firm

For seven decades, since 1946, starting with the founder Panos N. Triantopoulo began the creative journey of the family business. Then, the first start was done with the traditional oil mill and the crushing of the olives with the stones. Later, the technology and the need for better quality results, led to the gradual modernization of the company.

The second generation followed. Xenophon and Costas Triantopoulos brothers, found the company "X. Triantopoulos & Co." and the traditional production of olive oil goes in a more modern way, using the centrifugal machines. Since 1980 is among the first companies that applied the most modern method.

Today, in the potential of the company came in the third generation of the family.

In the production cycle of the company included over 1,300 producers, of whom a great part is certified, covering the entire area of the former province of Olympia and the further region of Ilia-from Erymanthos up to the mouth of the Alpheus - drawing production of olive from more of the 50 local communities.

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